Revealing subliminal emotions with Congressional Synthesis 

Neither art nor art therapy, Congressional Synthesis is a tangible expression of emotion memory frequency.  A unique emotion modulating modality exclusive to MY BRILLIANCE®, each compositional overture transmits an emotion frequency algorithm for self revelation, emotion reparation and restitution.

Congressional Synthesis exposes through tangible expression the congregation of all subliminal phyletic elements encumbering a human condition.  Each sensory element creates an emotive energy thread that differentiates from another and can be distinguished both on an individual basis or in a cluster.

How it works.

Once the unification of the five senses is achieved the non beneficial memory can be visualised in the form of cerebral imagery, allowing the recipient and diagnostician an opportunity for intellectual investigation into the emotive meaning of the emotion memory frequency and how it may be affecting their every day existence.

Each Emotion Recall Conductor stimulates and facilitates opportunity for positive change and non beneficial emotion emancipation.

This revolutionary new method of emotion therapy can alter the declining path of a soul, exposing the emotive elements that cause dissension and illuminating positive emotive pathways that may never before have been considered or possible.

Meet Ceinwen

Ceinwen is an Aureral Emotion Modulator who can extract an Emotion Aureral Frequency and portray a tangible image of a distinct emotion frequency that exists within an Aureral Field, to determine individual emotion aureral frequency components that exist in a dissimilate state, and transform them into a form that holds a conclusive diagnosable pattern.

Every composition is a living essence, the unification of single emotion algorithms into one to present a working diagnostic for accountability.