BRILLIANCE® Guided Emotion Mapping: Your Way Back to A More Positive and Productive Future

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I'm Lisa Holmes

an Aureral Emotion Strategist dedicated to sharing my discovery of the Brilliance Phenomenon Within. I'm a clairvoyant with over 30 years experience, and chief architect, innovator, author and facilitator of BRILLIANCE® Guided Emotion Mapping Therapy.

Our soul is made up of millions of pure energy cells just as our physical body is made up of millions of solid energy cells. Just as our physical cells regulate our physical wellbeing creating our physical existence, our ethereal cells regulate our spiritual well being and Soul evolution. Both exist at different frequencies but both are imperative to our existence in physical form.

Throughout history we have each endured negative experiences that caused us to feel betrayed or violated, and made choices that have betrayed or violated others. Soul Damage is created through these non beneficial actions, and accumulates over many lifetimes within our ethereal cells as Soul Damage Cell Memory.  We store this Pure Negative Energy to remind us of our fear of it happening again and/or to remind us to seek retribution at another time. 

The Problem:

We are constantly tuned into our dormant negative and positive emotions and have no warning or control over them until they hit. Then we are reminded of their existence, sometimes mildly and sometimes with a vengeance. 

When an action or event in this existence activates Perpetual Emotion Remembrance (a dormant past life soul damage cell memory) this triggers an emotion that launches a feeling that is then justified by an Emotion Marker (the story).  An Emotion Marker is the first logical memory we can associate an identical reaction with this life existence, but this is not its genesis. 

Rather, its origin is Perpetual Soul Remembrance, an emotion memory created in a past life existence and perpetuated throughout many others until evoked again in this life existence.

We use the Emotion Marker event to try to rationalise the feeling, and our Emotion Reactionary Behaviour (our reaction/response) to calculate logic and reason for our feeling: a dormant emotion.

We recall the incident through whichever feeling it activates; violated, abandoned, unworthy, unsettled, indignant, overwhelmed, hurt or intolerant to name a few, most always generated by a past life incident which is held as Soul Damage Cell Memory

However, because we do not have cognisant recall, the negative emotion cannot be directly addressed with our logic and reason, as the original past life event holds no actual bearing on our present life. Without release, Soul Damage Cell Memory. is retained and compounded and becomes more energetic each time it a dormant emotion is activated (triggered).

The Solution:

We say we want positive relationships in our lives but continue to act in ways that create negative ones. These patterns we have created through our Soul Damage make our life a misery. Until we identify the Soul Damage Cell Memory that permeates our relevance we cannot naturally and permanently restore our Emotion Fractures and access the 8 Pure Beneficial Emotions that are the gateway to inherent emotive equilibrium. 

When we release energetic emotion residue we reduce fear but to do this we must first pinpoint its inception by finding the Emotion Marker and Emotion Trigger held within.

Through the BRILLIANCE® Emotion Mapping process we will venture back to one of your many past lives, to the exact incident that holds the key to free you from the fear that continues to ignite your soul damage cell memory and stops you moving forward.

Pricing Plans

These sessions are booked out months in advance. 

Please make your purchase and contact us with your preferred advance dates to lock in an appointment.. 


Emotion Mapping Session

w/Lisa Holmes 


/ 1 hour

What's included

  • BRILLIANCE® Guided Emotion Therapy is channelled information, tailored according to your specific circumstance and most prominent current emotional issue.
  • A past life that recalls the original incident that caused your emotion dissonance.
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