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Welcome to the My Brilliance Pty Ltd website, located at, and the online store known as BRILLIANCE STORE®. My Brilliance Pty Ltd under the ‘My Brilliance Publishing Group’ publishes BRILLIANCE® goods and provides BRILLIANCE® Services. BRILLIANCE®, MY BRILLIANCE®, BRILLIANCE PUBLISHING®, BRILLIANCE CHILDREN® and BRILLIANCE STORE® are trademarks and trading names of My Brilliance Pty Ltd and collectively constitute the ‘My Brilliance Publishing Group.' Throughout this disclaimer, any reference to the ‘My Brilliance Publishing Group’ pertains to the aforementioned collective.

1. Disclaimer of Liability

The My Brilliance Pty Ltd website, as well as all 'My Brilliance Publishing Group' websites, social media platforms, products, and services, contain concepts related to self-development and emotional healing that directly affect emotion psyche. While we approach these matters with utmost care, the information provided is intended for support and guidance of the BRILLIANCE® Principle. We do not assume responsibility for the actions you choose to take based on the information provided. Your choices and actions are entirely your responsibility. By using our website and services, you agree to hold blameless and indemnify, without exception, any member of the ‘My Brilliance Publishing Group’ including My Brilliance Pty Ltd, BRILLIANCE®, MY BRILLIANCE®, BRILLIANCE PUBLISHING®, BRILLIANCE CHILDREN®, BRILLIANCE STORE® as well as BRILLIANCE® Goods and BRILLIANCE® Services and its employees, directors and owners from any and all liabilities and expenses arising from your actions.

2. Not a Substitute for Professional Services

The BRILLIANCE® goods and BRILLIANCE® services offered by the My Brilliance Publishing Group are not intended as a replacement for professional services. At no time should they be considered as legal, medical, financial, psychological, or business facts. Their interpretation and judgment are subject to your discretion. For any matter requiring professional expertise, it is imperative that you seek advice from qualified experts in the respective field.

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