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Emotion is the basis of every interaction and is the bonding energy that flows between each participant in every relationship. Once an emotion has been activated a feeling ensues and we apply our intellect to explain and resolve the feeling. Our mind deploys behavioural strategies to indicate to others and convince ourselves that we are acceptable. Acceptance is an innate element and the driving force of the human condition.

BRILLIANCE® is an energetic monologue that re-establishes vitality & encourages repair and restoration of the emotion energy flow in decay
BRILLIANCE® shows you how to separate your intellect from the emotive decay, look at each separately then implement beneficial emotion behaviours to restore the emotion energy bond between.

Our fear of rejection or our need to reject or our need to be accepted or our need to accept, stimulates a non beneficial Emotion Reactionary Behavioural Condition response, and from this emotion stimulus our intellect forms a strategy to overcome. Without personal revelation this is a reoccurring circumstance that will continue to weaken and dissipate the emotive energetic resolve of elementary existence.

We specialise in BRILLIANCE®

We're Lisa and Ceinwen, and we're offering a new way of thinking about Emotion and coping with Emotion Distortion. We specialise in giving a history, voice and identity to your trapped emotion trauma.

Delivering emotion therapy online, we publish and educate about BRILLIANCE®,  addressing the Emotion Fractures buried deep within your Emotion Frequency Patterning that influence and sabotage your personal and interpersonal relationship goals of Solidarity and Absolute Equal Acceptance.

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