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Emotion is the basis of every human interaction and is the bonding energy that flows between each participant in every relationship.

Once an emotion has been activated a feeling ensues so we apply our intellect to explain and resolve the feeling. 

Our mind deploys behavioural strategies to indicate to others and convince ourselves that we are acceptable. Acceptance is an innate element and the driving force of the human condition.

Our fear of rejection, our need to reject, our need to be accepted and our need to accept all stimulate non beneficial Emotion Reactionary Behavioural Condition responses, and from this emotive stimuli our intellect forms a strategy to overcome.

Without personal revelation, this is a reoccurring circumstance that continues to weaken and dissipate the energetic resolve of all elementary existence.

is an energetic monologue that re-establishes vitality & encourages repair and restoration of the emotion energy flow that is in decay.

BRILLIANCE® is a new way of looking at emotions that separates intellectual reasoning from emotive decay, views each individually then suggests beneficial emotion behaviours to restore the emotion energy bond between you and those whose acceptance you so keenly desire. 

We specialise in BRILLIANCE®

We're Lisa and Ceinwen, and we're offering a new way of thinking about Emotion and coping with Emotion Distortion. We specialise in giving a history, voice and identity to trapped emotion residue, which is the catalyst for all fears that drive the human condition. 

Delivering BRILLIANCE® Emotion Therapy online, we publish and educate about BRILLIANCE®,  addressing the emotion fractures buried deep within our emotion frequency patterning that influence and sabotage our personal and interpersonal goals of Solidarity of One and Absolute Equal Acceptance Through Thought, Conscience and Reunion.

Bridge The Divide Through Your Soul Bond Connections To Ease Your Grief From Loss

Life is precious and the connections we share with others define its most meaningful moments. Our relationships are the most poignant part of who we are and what keep humanity evolving. It's not uncommon however, for some of our most relevant relationships to become strained, damaged or out of reach. In the case of seemingly irreparable impunity, loss of mental faculty and death, these losses can leave our hearts aching and our spirit wounded with no clear path to healing and transformation.The grief we bear from these losses takes its toll on our physical and emotional well being.  

There is now a pathway to re engage with those thought lost forever via the Soul Bond Connections you share.

The BRILLIANCE® Live In This Moment Meditative Modality  is your gateway to Soul Bond Reconnection. With the power of this unique meditative modality, we will guide you though this life-changing experience. 

Are you stuck in a negative emotion loop, being triggered by the same hurts over and over again?

Emotion drives every action we take or don’t take and defines every relationship we encounter. Our need and desire for acceptance from others becomes paramount when our fears are activated. Trying to nurture positive relationships while reacting to our every triggered unruly emotion renders us unable to gain positive traction in our relationships. 

We yield to the same non beneficial emotions over and over again and these emotions are fortified when we draw others with similar emotion fractures  to us, locking us into 'same- same but different' emotive interplay. 

The process within the IF I FEEL IT – IT IS MINE® Emotion Journal is the first step in halting a non beneficial emotion reaction and bringing awareness to its existence as a single element. Through this process each element can be addressed directly on impact and its relevance to your emotional reaction acknowledged. In time this will bring freedom from the emotions and feelings that have held you back from the relationship goals to which you aspire: a testament of BRILLIANCE®. 

Online Emotion Soul Virtue

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For over three decades, MY BRILLIANCE® has been illuminating the global landscape with its exceptional range of BRILLIANCE® products and services. Our commitment to innovation remains unwavering, and we're excited to unveil our latest groundbreaking development – the BRILLIANCE® Emotion Soul Virtues, an unparalleled emotion profiling system.

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