Reveal Your Subliminal Emotions With

Congressional Synthesis.

Neither art nor art therapy, Congressional Synthesis is a tangible expression of Aureral Emotion Frequency. A unique emotion modulating modality exclusive to My Brilliance, with each compositional overture transmitting an emotion frequency algorithm for self revelation, emotion reparation and restitution.

Congressional Synthesis exposes through tangible expression the congregation of all subliminal phyletic elements encumbering a human condition.  Each sensory element creates an emotive energy thread that differentiates from another and can be distinguished both on an individual basis and in a cluster.

Meet the Visionary and Trailblazer Behind The New Congressional Synthesis Movement.


I'm Ceinwen Gray,

an Aureral Emotion Modulator who can transmute translucent Aureral Emotion Frequency into a tangible image of a distinct Emotion Frequency Algorithm that exists within an Aureral Field, to determine individual aureral emotion frequency components that exist in a dissimilate state, and transform them into a form that holds a conclusive diagnosable pattern. 

Whew! That's a mouthful. Let's break this down. 

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Congressional Synthesis: a symphony of emotion through harmonious, sensory self-awareness.

Through our innate desire to survive we choose to deny or disassociate when things are too hard or too painful to comprehend. We separate from emotion that causes us negative reaction using projection and deflection, which renders solution ineffective. This prevents us from recognising or addressing the emotive culprit and leaves the emotion to fester.

Likewise, sometimes we have recounted the story (Emotion Marker) so many times, in so many different ways that the truth is often very different to what we recall. Working from a distorted perception will prevent us from uncovering the actual negative emotion that is disrupting our internal harmony and prevent us from properly examining the true problem.

A New Therapy is Born

Ceinwen's innate ability allows her to tune into the vibratory frequency of emotion in others, and generate an impression of the emotion concaved to a format that can be experienced in the physical in order to distinguish the emotions value. A kinder form of emotion therapy, offering insight into a persons discord without subjection to the humiliation or hurt that discourse usually evokes when devolved to another. Instead it is delivered through an impartial forum where the outcome is conclusive.

Most effective when the emotion is buried too deep through denial or disassociation, or when too many emotions are being triggered simultaneously, to be reached through logical exploration. 

This method is used to find the Emotion Marker and Emotion Trigger held within, making it a perfect complement to the BRILLIANCE® Guided Emotion Mapping therapy offered by Lisa Holmes. 

How Does It Work?

  • Using the 5 senses we stimulate emotion, each emotion having its own vibratory constitution encompassing its own unique composition.
  • One of the imagery components of Congressional Synthesis is visual colour, which encompasses distinct behaviours, feelings, actions and reactions exclusive to that colours frequency. 
  • Stimulating the senses with imagery components we evoke the Perpetual Emotion Remembrance and enjoy or attend to the reaction it provokes.

Unlock Your Potential: Harness the Power of Congressional Synthesis for Personal Transformation.

Every composition is a living essence, the unification of individual Aureral Emotion Frequency components into one greater whole to present a working diagnostic for accountability.

Each Emotion Recall Conductor stimulates and facilitates opportunity for positive change and non beneficial emotion emancipation.

This revolutionary new method of BRILLIANCE® Emotion Therapy can alter the declining path of a persons Soul, exposing the emotive elements that cause dissension and illuminating positive emotive pathways that may never before have been considered or possible.

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Congressional Synthesis : A Revolutionary BRILLIANCE® Emotion Therapy Process Revealing 'The Voice of Emotion'. 

  • Just as a physical portrait of a face captures a moment in time, it inadvertently portrays the lines of life’s bitter and sweet past traumas and triumphs, while simultaneously holding a glimpse of the inspiration and hope of the sitters future. This is also true for each Aureral Emotion Frequency Algorithm imaging, where the sitters Perpetual Emotion Remembrance is portrayed and Emotion Histrionics revealed. 
  • All Aureral Emotion Frequency Diagnostic Imagery evokes emotion first, then an intellectual analysis naturally follows.
  • Every Diagnostic Imaging holds a distinct emotive monologue, able to be transformed into word by Lisa Holmes.

Meet Lisa Holmes

Lisa Holmes is an Aureral Emotion Strategist. whose unique ability allows her recalibrate the Aureral Frequency Components of an Aureral Emotion Frequency Algorithm recorded by Ceinwen, to transform them into their distinct emotive word dialogue.

When the Aureral Emotion Frequency Algorithm and its Aureral Emotion Frequency Components are transformed into their emotive word dialogue, the voice of emotion for that unique Soul resounds.  

Meet Lisa Holmes, pioneer of The BRILLIANCE® Principle and trailblazer revealing BRILLIANCE® - BRILLIANCE® is the voice of emotion and a new beginning in the evolution of human emotion.

With the emotion invigorated and the emotive dialogue revealed, the recipient, Diagnostician and Strategist are given opportunity for intellectual investigation of the Aureral Emotion Frequency Algorithm and its diagnostic components and how they may be affecting every day emotive existence.

This process of emotion stimulation brings non beneficial emotions into tangible existence for the express purpose of acknowledgement, acceptance and release.

BRILLIANCE® Congressional Synthesis Emotion Therapy delivers a comprehensive process that offers a glimpse into our emotional rainbow, exploration of self and others and an opportunity for emotion recalibration. This can bring about positive emotive change, even emancipation from the non beneficial emotions that have held us back for lifetimes.
"Someone sees me. Someone hears me. Someone knows me."

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What's included

  •  Sensory Transcription delivered in MP4 format - Ceinwen Gray 
  • A correlating title and message - Lisa Holmes 
"With release, comes growth, through challenge comes wisdom.
Let us show you the way."