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July 26, 2018

Death is respite but not dormant.

“There are atoms that are seen and atoms that are invisible.

We exist after death in a state of “blind atoms” that vibrate at a frequency higher and lower than the eye can visibly perceive. Each blind atom holds tiny neutrons that store the molecular structure of our psyche, which runs at an innate frequency to its sponsor.

When in the soul state we are kept in animated suspension, which keeps the energy flow active.

In the soul state we are in stasis (equilibrium), and we don't rejuvenate.

 Death is respite but not dormant.”

©2017 Lisa Holmes /


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Our view maybe different but in the end we have the same goal.

Almost every feeling you experience today is the result of an emotion that you have felt before.

Our psyche flows rhythmically oscillating the Soma, held in orbit by the Souls gravitation.

Like draws like for Opportunity.

Lisa Holmes

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