July 5


Each life is created simultaneously out of one conjunctive energy of Soul, Psyche, Soul Damage and Soma.

By Lisa Holmes

July 5, 2018

Each life is created simultaneously out of one conjunctive energy of

Soul – Energy

Matter – Psyche

Quantify – Soul Damage

Soma – Body / Existence

A Biolateral Reproductive Peduncular runs through the Soul (Energy) connecting its lives, while perpendicular to the peduncular, the Matter (Psyche), Quantify (Soul Damage) and Soma (Body), oscillate the Souls gravitational orbit.

Each life oscillates at a different rate according to resistance, being the culmination and combination of influence of psyche, body and soul damage.

Each component must stay fluid and moving in sequence, or the body and / or the psyche will break down, increasing the soul damage condition, which slows it down. Eventually the soul, body and psyche can’t push along the soul damage resulting in mental illness or physical illness. If our Negative Energy becomes too hard for the Positive Energy to push we get discordant, ill and die.

©2017 Lisa Holmes / MY BRILLIANCE®Principle 

About the author

Lisa Jane Holmes is an Emotion Strategist dedicated to sharing her discovery of the Brilliance phenomenon within. Lisa is the chief architect, innovator, author and teacher of BRILLIANCE® Emotion Therapy and The BRILLIANCE® Principle, and co founder of My Brilliance P/L.

Her life’s work is dedicated to the delivery, teaching and personal pursuit of Absolute Equal Acceptance through Thought, Conscience and Reunion, through BRILLIANCE® concepts and methodology and BRILLIANCE® Products and Services.

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