November 18


Puritanical Commitment

By Ceinwen

November 18, 2017

Puritanical Commitment

Let go of the hatred that divides, as it is not pertinent.

Hatred draws hatred even if we feel the malice within is relevant to our emotional remuneration.

In truth it is a plank in the eye which only allows a narrow distorted view,  which belies the truth until removed.

Time holds captive the perfidy, release only concedes when hatred is denounced by the masses and renounced from within.

©Lisa Jane Holmes 2017

About the author

Ceinwen Gray is the pioneer and chief architect of the Congressional Synthesis movement, is Co Founder of My Brilliance P/L and co innovator and developer of BRILLIANCE® Emotion Therapy. Her life’s work is dedicated to founding the influx of BRILLIANCE® revelations, and the delivery of BRILLIANCE® concepts, products and services.

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