November 18


Embrace what you have achieved

By Ceinwen

November 18, 2017

Embrace what you have achieved.

Embrace what you have achieved, relinquish envy for what you have not, or your achievements will only feel hollow, discordant and riddled with unfulfilled expectation and eternal disappointment will be retained.

Your achievements are a stepping stone to your fulfilment when not hindered by the desire or yearning for another persons gain.

It is not your loss  - it is their gain, therefore yours never to have.

When we dwell in the shadow of another person’s glory we neglect our purpose and all we have achieved becomes benign.

Seeking glory through another persons gain will never acclimate to yours.

Find the glory in your achievements and fulfilment will be bestowed.

©Lisa Jane Holmes 2017

About the author

Ceinwen Gray is the pioneer and chief architect of the Congressional Synthesis movement, is Co Founder of My Brilliance P/L and co innovator and developer of BRILLIANCE® Emotion Therapy. Her life’s work is dedicated to founding the influx of BRILLIANCE® revelations, and the delivery of BRILLIANCE® concepts, products and services.

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