September 5


On crossover is the accounting of how much our soul can endure.

By Ceinwen

September 5, 2017

Frequency is re-calibrated upon entry to the next Physical Dynamic Phase.

Limitations are set for new arrivals. What this means is, sometimes we are expecting something of our life that will not be possible, because that is not part of our makeup.

The choices we make are pre-consigned and the choices around those pre-consigned choices will relate to them alone.

Development is consequential and limited (capped) but not limiting.

 ©2017 Lisa Holmes / My Brilliance 

About the author

Ceinwen Gray is the pioneer and chief architect of the Congressional Synthesis movement, is Co Founder of My Brilliance P/L and co innovator and developer of BRILLIANCE® Emotion Therapy. Her life’s work is dedicated to founding the influx of BRILLIANCE® revelations, and the delivery of BRILLIANCE® concepts, products and services.

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