November 13

A Reunion Blessing


A Reunion Blessing

We all love our children. We believe that we know what is best for them.
We believe we know them better than anyone else. They are part of us.

If our child’s quirks please us we usually accept credit for it.
“You’re just like me, I was really good at sport”

This works when their behaviours or choices please us, but when they don’t we renounce it.
“You’re just like your Uncle, he is so stubborn.” Leaving the child feeling unacceptable in your eyes.

If we expect our child to confide in us, do we give their problem its due merit?
Or do we try to correct before we investigate how they truly feel?

If we correct them out of hand we reject their feelings out of hand.

It may seem trivial to us but to them it may be everything.

Ask only if you are willing to listen unconditionally.
 What we feel is not really important.

Their feelings are about them.

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