November 22


Unconditional Love

By Lisa Holmes

November 22, 2012

Unconditional Love.

Crying children know the results of a world without unconditional love, they heave with fear, while others are creating change that sacrifices their truth, by commanding change to their existence rendering them powerless in the cradle they feel holds them safe.

Striving for unconditional love is what leaves our soul’s existence in a state of turmoil.

We feel from our soul’s brilliance we should love unconditionally and be loved unconditionally and as good people we strive for this.

Yet through our own personal failings continue to judge those we have chosen worthy of our unconditional love.

We make excuses for our judgment of them and our need for unconditional love is once again sacrificed.

“Unconditional love is within us all or we would not seek it and feel it as the 

greatest attribute to ourselves and the human race as a whole.”

We say we need to band together for world peace yet to achieve this action we embark on a journey to create it through the unwilling.

We feel through our knowing, that yes, the outcome may be a welcomed one, but to create this result around resistance to change, only allows the recipient to gather their arms to save what they believe is their truth.

We must respect those we feel are in harms way while honouring their choices.

Through our lessons learnt, offer them our wisdom gained, giving them the opportunity to choose a positive result for themselves.

When we choose to honour another soul with our wisdom it must not come from a place of pity or shame – these feelings are created through our feelings of guilt or despair– only rendering assistance to make ourselves feel better and not always with the acceptance of the other.

There is no advancement for another if the action is not chosen for oneself. Open another’s mind by giving them a different thought one that they have not yet heard, considered or accepted, given with compassion and graciousness by allowing them to choose their own outcome.

If their choice causes them more harm because their soul has no reference to a positive truth then show them by positive unconditional actions.

Unconditional love creates unconditional love but only when given from a respectful open heart and received willingly as ones own truth.

©2010 Lisa Holmes / MY BRILLIANCE®

About the author

Lisa Jane Holmes is an Emotion Strategist dedicated to sharing her discovery of the Brilliance phenomenon within. Lisa is the chief architect, innovator, author and teacher of BRILLIANCE® Emotion Therapy and The BRILLIANCE® Principle, and co founder of My Brilliance P/L.

Her life’s work is dedicated to the delivery, teaching and personal pursuit of Absolute Equal Acceptance through Thought, Conscience and Reunion, through BRILLIANCE® concepts and methodology and BRILLIANCE® Products and Services.

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