October 30, 2012

Give me patience!

"Give me patience!"

What is it that we ask for when we throw our head back in exasperation and plead for help? What we expect and what we receive are often so different.

Each of us has our daily tribulations small or large and find those around us to be tolerable or intolerable depending on our process of emotions that day, that hour, that moment. We all have family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances that tip our balance and smudge our good nature with their annoying or irritating traits. 'If only she weren’t so picky.'  'If only he wouldn’t be so negative.'  'She’s so two faced.'  'He’s so mean.'

But the truth is it’s the ones that rub at us that teach us the most about ourselves and gift us with the greatest opportunity for recognition acknowledgment and release of the soul damage we use every day in these fleeting interactions with those we love, like, or loathe.

Only when we see our differences in others not just our similarities as the way to recognise who we really are can we hope to start the process of true growth toward equal acceptance of all people, not just the ones that meet with our approval.

Our differences make us who we are: distinct from one another while simultaneously binding us to one another.

This duplicity travels with us each lifetime – one lifetime being that which we like, the next lifetime comfortably being that which we presently loathe and resist.

We are always comparing ourselves to those that don’t make the cut. I could never be that. I would never do that. The trouble is the more protest and more assertion we give to the action we judge the more strongly we are projecting away from ourselves what we have been and where we have come from and what we are in fact still capable of, keeping ourselves connected to the very energy that keeps us bound to that plane of experience and existence.

How can we hope to like and accept ourselves when the undercurrent of who we are today is the resistance and denial of who we have been before and who we have the potential to become again?

Today when you find yourself tussling with another’s failings try this statement for remedy and release from the plethora of thought and emotion that threatens your sense of calm. 

“If I feel it – it is mine.”

Own your whole person and love yourself for all that you have been, all that you are and all that you will be  – past present and future – and you help yourself. 

©2012 Ceinwen Schneider/My Brilliance®

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