September 20


Consider the paradox and do not let the blessing pass you by

By Lisa Holmes

September 20, 2012

Consider the paradox and do not let the blessing pass you by.  

What is the lesson?  - What is my potential? – What is the promise?

Through the disharmonious entourage of emotion felt on impact of an affront or impasse we denigrate the insight the opportunity brings, distorting the divine prospects, offered and awaiting.

When the barrage of emotion hits, distinctive to each individual our divine vision is impaired, altered by the assault on our expectations and our reiteration of failure is reinstated.

We feel that our affability and promise holds no bounds until our emotions divulge different, until the ominous recall distorts the view of our potential unleashing the fear we hold within, leaving us blind to the blessing.

This does not mean the ship has sailed or the opportunity has passed as the potential for positive change is regurgitated often through our existence, played out through many different scenarios but the message/intention is always the same waiting to be embraced, nurtured or released.

I suggest next time you feel an affront or come to an impasse in your life you take the time to indulge in a short self-awareness exercise.

Break down the scenario into two distinct groups:


Pros (Divine Vision – what I would like as the best possible outcome.)


Cons (Non Beneficial Emotion felt through scenario – blame, resentment, hurt, guilt etc.)

Consider - the two lists and choose one item on each list. This may take awhile but you will be able to pick two distinct winners.

Choose from the (cons) list an emotion that is dominant when you consider the scenario. You will then be able to see which emotion takes prominent ranking. This emotion is distorting your perception of your lesson, potential or promise.

Choose from the (pros) list and you will see the potential is in this scenario. The promise is revealed when you consider the outcome less the negative emotion distorting your Divine Vision. (the best positive outcome – perhaps a loving relationship.)

So ask yourself these questions for a glimpse into your divine vision:

  • What is the lesson in the scenario?
  • What is my potential in this scenario?
  • What is the Promise in this scenario?

Remember that emotion drives the decision you make, even if it feels positive. Eg: Anger feels positive when justified. Your own emotions cause the outcome of a negative decision or if fear prevails, no decision at all.

Don’t be fooled. It may feel positive, as it will appease the fear or retribution held, but only for the period it is active. Once inactive it lies dormant, ever ready and present until reactivated.

©Lisa Jane Holmes 2012 /My Brilliance®

About the author

Lisa Jane Holmes is an Emotion Strategist dedicated to sharing her discovery of the Brilliance phenomenon within. Lisa is the chief architect, innovator, author and teacher of BRILLIANCE® Emotion Therapy and The BRILLIANCE® Principle, and co founder of My Brilliance P/L.

Her life’s work is dedicated to the delivery, teaching and personal pursuit of Absolute Equal Acceptance through Thought, Conscience and Reunion, through BRILLIANCE® concepts and methodology and BRILLIANCE® Products and Services.

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