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  • Its amazing how easily life flows when we accept lifes flow with ease.

September 10, 2012

Its amazing how easily life flows when we accept lifes flow with ease.

It's amazing how easily life flows when we accept life's flow with ease.   

When we engage emotions such as blame, resentment, belligerence and frustration, futility is our reward. There is no concession for those of us who refuse to acknowledge our resistance to change.

But when we embrace our activity with enthusiasm and gusto the walls of resistance give way to progress freeing us to move forward in our purpose without manipulation, redirection or redundancy.

Every day is a chance to move forward with our souls purpose at the pith of our drive yet most of us sabotage that day with purposeless folly that leaves us circling our emotional drain pool rather than giving rise to new directions and horizons.

It is not until we free ourselves from the binds of limited existence within the chains of morbidity and mortality, that we can truly start to fly.

How can we do this?

Emancipate ourselves from the restricted flow of life’s purpose and fulfilment by driving forward with faith in all that we cannot yet conceive of or perceive. Free our hearts and minds of what is bounded thinking and feeling and surrender our being to the Brilliance that lies await within.

Joy is ours to revel in when we unleash the shackles of prior existences, moving ever forward toward purification and ultimate emulation.

©2012 Ceinwen Schneider / MY BRILLIANCE®

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