Learn HOW to reconnect with those you have loved and lost through the BRILLIANCE®Live In This Moment© Meditative Modality.

Is there someone that you are longing for that seems beyond your reach? Whether death has separated you, infirmity has taken a cherished friendship away or estrangement has left you with a great yearning to say the things that need to be said to mend the past, we're here to assist you.

A Reunion Of Souls can be achieved via the Soul Bond Connection you share.

The end is not the end. We exist in an eternal loop of ethereal and physical existences and our Soul Bond Connection is the eternal partnership shared with our significant others that exists throughout life and death. This is why the grief from the loss of a loved one can consume us and why that grief lingers causing emotive discomfort long after they have departed from us. You know that this is the truth. 

Even though the person may not be in our lives anymore, the feelings we have for them are sustained by the Soul Bond Connection still in action.

We are never alone.

The ones we love are always with us, existing just beyond the tangible realm that is defined by our physical senses but we commonly dismiss, limit and even block this connection with our rationalisation, intellectual reasoning and beliefs.

With an open and willing heart and a little focused guidance, everyone has the ability to access this ethereal dimension through a Soul Bond Connection shared.

Unlocking the Mystery: Can We Truly Communicate with the Deceased?

Can I really talk to the dead? If you've lost someone and the grief from that loss holds you in a state of constant longing, then you've probably asked yourself this question at least once.

The Live In This Moment© Meditative Modality is a BRILLIANCE® facilitator that can stimulate a soul reunion with the one you love via the Soul Bond Connection that you share. This can alleviate the Grief from Loss that keeps us stuck, unable to 'get over' our sorrow and move forward.

Our Soul Bond Connection is the portal that allows contact with those we love or need when we are existing in a physical state and they in the ethereal. It is not whimsical thinking, the essence of our loved ones is accessible.

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We're Your BRILLIANCE® Specialists

We’re Lisa and Ceinwen and were delivering a brand new elementary principle, the BRILLIANCE® Principle, through BRILLIANCE® tools and programs that allow people to delve into the emotions that are causing them emotive stagnation and decline, with Grief and Loss being the greater of these.

Lisa Holmes

Lisa Holmes

Emotion Strategist 

Ceinwen Gray

Emotion Frequency Diagnostician

The Problem with living in Grief and Loss

If permitted to linger, Grief has the potential to permeate every aspect of our life, and this has lasting consequence that transcends this present existence.
  • Grief from Loss imbues itself at a molecular level and when prolonged, can cause physical manifestations of emotion decay.  
  • Grief from Loss impacts emotional well being, which when allowed to stagnate, distorts the lens through which we process emotion.  
  • Grief from Loss keeps us living in the past. Being unable to be truly present robs us of todays joy and prolongs sorrow.
  • Grief from Loss can leave us feeling stuck in limbo, feeling tortured by the things we did and didn’t say and things we wish we could say now, if only we had the chance.

3 Great Reasons to Experience the Live In This Moment© Meditative Modality today.

Allay Fears

Was their passing tragic?

Learn how to Reconnect to allay the fears you hold for them.

The BRILLIANCE® LIVE IN THIS MOMENT© Meditative Modality is an opportunity to activate a union that alleviates our fear of never again connecting with those souls we cherish. It is fear itself that invigorates the feelings of loss and grief that we bear.

Facilitate Reunion

Were there things left unsaid?

Learn how to Reconnect in order to find resolution. Through the BRILLIANCE® LIVE IN THIS MOMENT© Meditative Modality you can learn to open up a cognisant connection and chat. A Guided visualisation illuminates your pathway to a serene meeting place where you can learn to visit with your loved one and have a chat, attempt a resolution or just find a sense of peace in the fact that your connection with them is not over.

Alleviate Grief & Loss

Have you felt lost without them?

Learn how to Reconnect and find strength in the knowledge they are always with you.

This BRILLIANCE® tool is only offered as a guide to instruct on how to bring about a reunion of familial souls from your soul bond community through your unique Soul Bond Connection shared. 

Used over time, this can help to alleviate or lessen harboured emotions of Grief and Loss.

Awaken Your Intuition: Unlock The Ability Within

We've all got the ability to ignite this connection using our intuition. It's just a matter of learning how and refining the skill.

Intuition is the combination of our cognitive frequency (thought pattern) and energetic emotion frequencies that orchestrates connection between ourselves and another. This intuitive construct is the trigger that alights our soul and determines how we assemble an outcome or reaction. 

You may already be receiving signs from your loved one to show you have the ability to reconnect. Intuition allows us to engage in what is an innate need and what we instinctively know, and we use this intuition everyday without regard for the miraculous connective force that it is when we:

  • Think about the same thing as someone before they say it.
  • Answer someones question before they ask it.
  • Think of someone then soon after bump into them.
  • Know of someones intention to call us before the phone rings.
  • Know someone needs help before they ask or that they are unwilling to ask.
  • Know someone is sick, suffering or passed on before receiving the news.

Note: Just as muscle memory takes time to develop at the gym, it takes time to hone our intuition through awareness: listening, feeling, observing, knowing, and having the courage to believe what we  experience. So much of our experience beyond the five senses is disregarded when with a little focused effort, it can be an opening to an ongoing living experience that brings us comfort and courage. It is true what they say: "We are never alone."



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Reconnect Today

If you are grieving someone and finding it difficult to transcend your loss, we encourage you to strengthen your Soul Bond Connection using this BRILLIANCE® Live In This Moment© Meditative ModalityYour experience will be unique to you while Lisa & Ceinwen will guide you through.