December 10

A Reunion Blessing


A Reunion Blessing

Sometimes it’s just so hard coming together with the people that you love more than anyone in the world.

Christmas, birthdays and other family centred gatherings, expectations are high, unresolved issues are forefront and the fear of rejection becomes a real concern.

“What will I say, how will I respond, should I even turn up?”

 Sound familiar?

We are offering tools that help to communicate and understand how it is for the other person, rather than being wrapped up in our own emotions and not being able to see past our own insecurities. Sometimes it's just not about us, and in the understanding that others feel the same way we do the walls can fall and reunion at last be embraced.

Often it’s not what we say that causes friction,  it's how it is heard.

In the understanding of how the other person is hearing you, an avenue for real communication can be opened.

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