Brilliance Songs of Our Heart

BRILLIANCE® Live In This Moment Meditative Modality

2 Chapters 5 Lessons


What would you say, if you still had the chance?

Grief from the LOSS of our loved ones can consume us. We yearn for reconnection and we languish in regret, grief, guilt, hurt, even anger and try our best to manage these feelings long after their physical separation or passing, because we think it’s all we can do. However, in truth, the ones we love are always with us, existing just beyond the tangible realm that is defined by our senses, but we commonly dismiss, limit and even block this connection with our rationalisation, skepticism, intellectual reasoning and beliefs. 

We might think that this is an ability reserved only for a few, but everyone can communicate with those we love or feel we have lost via our unique SOUL BOND CONNECTION. 

The BRILLIANCE® Live In This Moment meditative modality is a structured connective guidance tool that assists direct reconnection of two souls via their Soul Bond Connection shared. With an open and willing heart and a little focused guidance, everyone has the ability to access this ethereal dimension.

Program Structure


What you need to know before you start 3 Lessons


Start your Soul Bond Reconnection 2 Lessons