Build Resilient and Empathetic Children with BRILLIANCE Children Online Lessons: Discover Lessons That Address Bullying Behaviour at Its Core

Lessons that help young people with interpersonal skills.

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Product Benefits

BRILLIANCE Children® lessons are a guided self qualification tool that speak to all levels of bullying in a fun and interactive way. Emotion therapy especially for 4 - 12 year olds.  

Foster Self Awareness

Help your child to understand why they feel bullied and how they might be a bully to others without the intention of being one.  Self realisation delivered  through the If I Feel It - It Is Mine© BRILLIANCE® concept. 

Nurture Meaningful Friendships

All children want to fit in and feel accepted. Educate your child with interpersonal skills that can help them to create more dynamic relationships with others.  

Grow Self Determination Skills

Develop your child's compassion for self and others. Teach them how to build self worth, evolve self realisation skills and grow a young adult with interpersonal maturity. 

Understand the Subtle forms of Bullying: Equip Your Child with Self Awareness and Effective Strategies to Prevent and Recognise Bullying Behaviour

No one likes a bully and we all know how it feels to be bullied. While the behaviour of a BULLY is considered to be the blatant physical or verbal action of abuse, there are situations that trigger the feeling of being BULLIED which are much more subtle yet more prevalent in our everyday life.

Too often we enter parenthood with our own playground hurts and hates unresolved so when our child comes home and tells us about the mean kid in class that gave them a hard time all day, how can we administer sage advice when their pain is activating our own emotional histrionics? How is it that this new little antagonist who we’ve never met can unleash feelings like fury, hurt, pity or hate within us?  
Likewise, no one wants to hear that their child is a bully, and depending on our own history, a call to come in for a chat with the head teacher might be met with feelings that range from shame and hopelessness through to defensiveness and dismissal.

Often while trying to sort out issues between our kids in these meetings, we can observe similar bullying dynamics being played out between parents and disciplinary authorities.

Parents often ally against a bully and perpetrate bullying behaviour using social isolation, cutting the bully off from contact to save their child and others.

If you have a child or care for children, you will have experienced one of these scenarios and it's never fun. 

Truth is we have all made another person feel bullied at some time or another, but rarely do any of us have self-awareness in those moments to recognise how our words and actions are being experienced by our opponent.

  • When we are not heard we can feel bullied. 
  • When we are told that we are wrong or corrected by others we can feel bullied.
  • When we feel that someone is taking away our control, we can feel bullied.

We can only feel what we feel, so we keep doing what we do without self awareness. In all but the most blatant forms of bullying, we are oblivious to how and when we hurt others.

Attempts to modify a child's behaviour rarely succeed. Telling someone that feels angry or spiteful or justified to moderate their emotive ferocity rarely succeeds, The emotion release from lashing out is the reward for their behaviour. It feels good. Why change it ? 

 So what can we do as parents, teachers and keepers of the newest generation to help them understand the nuances of interpersonal play when we don’t necessarily have all the skills or answers?

Self regulation is the pathway to lasting resilience, empathy and self value. That's where the BRILLIANCE Children® ‘Could I Be A Bully’ series of books and online lessons can help. 

ONLINE  Learning

Teach your child How to 

create meaningful friendships

The BRILLIANCE Children® "Could I Be A Bully" series of books and online lessons are a guided self qualification tool that speaks to all levels of bullying in a fun and interactive way. Offering an explanation for why we feel bullied and how we may exert bully behaviours without the intention of being a bully. 

Our unique Emotion Self Qualification Process delivers key tools for a child to ascertain which of their behaviours activate the BRILLIANCE® Opponent Spectrum and which activate the BRILLIANCE® Antagonist Spectrum, and how to choose a different behaviour to achieve a more beneficial outcome. These programs deliver key tools and messages to both antagonist and opponent that can develop a child’s resilience, empathy and emotive self regulation.  

Teaching children skills to determine what they feel, what their words and actions cause another to feel, and how to take ownership of what they feel through the If I Feel It It Is Mine® BRILLIANCE® concepts. 

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About The Course Teacher, Lisa Holmes

Lisa Jane Holmes is an Emotion Strategist dedicated to sharing the discovery of the Brilliance Phenomenon Within. Lisa is the chief architect, innovator, author and teacher of BRILLIANCE® Emotion Therapy Online for adults and children.  She is co founder of My Brilliance P/L.  Her life’s work is dedicated to the delivery, teaching and personal pursuit of Absolute Equal Acceptance through Thought, Conscience and Reunion, through BRILLIANCE® concepts and methodology and BRILLIANCE® Products and Services.


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