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Founded by Lisa Jane Holmes and Ceinwen Schneider, My Brilliance Pty Ltd first emerged as self development products, focus groups, one on one sessions and in- house teaching programs that have now metamorphosed into a multi faceted Corporation offering an original and comprehensive emotion therapy online experience with a broad global reach and following.

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Disrupting existing unified beliefs about emotion and emotion distortion, Lisa and Ceinwen have unveiled new information that offers definitive answers to the ancient question "What is the meaning of life?", distinguished through the exploration of the Emotion Frequency Algorithms harboured in our Aureral Field.


Bridging science, philosophy and spirituality, BRILLIANCE® and the BRILLIANCE®Principle are an offering that aids self and others to live an emotively progressive life. Intended to positively influence the evolution of emotion for the advancement of humanity. BRILLIANCE® inspires and facilitates a pathway of return to Emotive Wholeness, calling all souls home to an ultimate progressive emotive state of Absolute Equal Acceptance Through Thought, Conscience and Reunion.

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MY BRILLIANCE® publishes and distributes products and programs that teach, demonstrate or convey BRILLIANCE®, imparting the fundamental doctrine that facilitates the regeneration and restoration of all aspects of ones Absolute Individual Emotive Self into one EMOTIONALLY WHOLE progressive state of;

Absolute Equal Acceptance through Thought, Conscience & Reunion.


Lisa and Ceinwen are a complimentary pairing whose lifework is intrinsically entwined. Teaming their unique abilities to bring forth BRILLIANCE®, they continue to produce and document their body of work as a lasting legacy to humanity in its quest for joy, peace and happiness.

Lisa and Ceinwen collectively bring voice to the human soul and psyche through the unique BRILLIANCE® theory, methodology and practice as they lay open its inner sanctuary where the essence of humanities anguish resides.

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