Would you like to reconnect with someone you feel that you have lost to death, infirmity or estrangement? 

We can help you.

Have you ever felt powerless from the loss of a relationship?

Do you long for reconnection so that you can express your feelings?

Have you watched someone go through the grief of loss 

and felt helpless to ease their pain?

A Reunion of Souls can be achieved via a Soul Bond Connection.

Our Soul Bond Connection is the eternal partnership shared with our significant others that exists beyond both life and death.

We may have lost their physical connection but they are always accessible through the unique Soul Bond Connection we hold with them.

Have a listen to what Lisa has to say about SOUL BOND CONNECTIONS.


You were such an intrinsic part of my life and the loss I felt was absolutely devastating when you were ripped away.

Even though I knew it was coming, I feel the loss of what we shared. I mourn our past and the moments in our future that will never be.

Sometimes it feels like you are still right beside me holding my hand and I am left desiring a sign that you still exist in some way.


I was so worried about how you and the kids would deal with my passing without me to console you.

I hate that I am no longer able to comfort and protect you when you need it most.

I would love to offer you some comfort from my place of rest.


When I was a kid I took it for granted as most kids do, that the ones I loved and admired would always be around.

Now that you are gone, I realise what a mystery to me you really are.

It would be great to reconnect with you now I am older and have some adult life perspective.


Even though my mate is still with us in the flesh, his mind is not.

It is confusing because the lifelong relationship we have shared is slipping away and in time he won’t remember me at all.

I grieve the loss of my friend and crave some closure before he is gone.

The end is not the end.

Our Soul Bond Connection with another person is eternal through life and death. This is why the grief from the loss of a loved one can consume us and why that grief lingers causing emotive discomfort and decay long after they have departed from us. The Soul Bond Connection we hold with them is eternally in play.

Living or Passed, the soul bond connection stays true.

Even though we feel we are no longer physically connected or cognisant with our loved ones who have passed, who are mentally infirm or even emotionally estranged, the Soul Bond Connection is still in action.

In truth, we are never alone....

as we are eternally connected via the unique 

SOUL BOND CONNECTION we hold with the one we grieve.

You can reconnect with those you grieve through your Soul Bond Connection

We have created a BRILLIANCE® tool that allows emotive  reconnection with the one you love via the Soul Bond Connection that you share.

Our Soul Bond Connection is the portal that allows us to connect with those we love or need when both parties are in different realms.

We call this BRILLIANCE® tool the Live In This Moment meditative modality and it can initiate a connection if the soul is willing.

Our intuition is the trigger that calls our soul to action.

Intuition is the combination of our cognitive and energetic frequencies that orchestrates connection between ourselves and another.

We’ve all got it. Our Intuition allows us to engage in what is an innate need and what we instinctively know, and we use this intuition everyday without regard for the miraculous connective force that it is when we:

  • Think about the same thing as them before they say it.
  • Answer their question before they ask it.
  • Think of them then soon after bump into them.
  • Know of their intention to call before the phone rings.
  • Know they need help before they ask or that they are unwilling to ask.
  • Know they are sick or suffering before receiving the news.

Watch and listen to this excerpt from the 

Live In This Moment meditative modality.

Press the arrow on the play bar to listen.

How this Meditative Modality can help you.  

Allays Fears

The LIVE IN THIS MOMENT Meditative Modality is an opportunity to activate a union that alleviates our fear of never again connecting with those souls we cherish, which in itself is what drives the feelings of loss and grief that we bear.

Facilitates Reunion

Through the LIVE IN THIS MOMENT Meditative Modality you can open up a cognisant connection and chat. Guided visualisation illuminates your pathway to a serene meeting place where you can visit with your loved one and have a chat, attempt a resolution or just find a sense of peace in the fact that your connection with them is not over.

Alleviates Grief

This Meditative Modality is offered with no other intention than to bring about a reunion of familial souls from your soul bond community through your unique Soul Bond Connection to alleviate or at least lessen feelings of grief and lessen harbouring emotions of loss and grief.

One more thing to consider . . .

We exist in an eternal loop of ethereal and physical existences.

The ones we love are always with us, existing just beyond the tangible realm that is defined by our five senses, but we commonly dismiss, limit and even block this connection with our rationalisation, intellectual reasoning and beliefs.

With an open and willing heart and a little focused guidance, everyone has the ability to access this ethereal dimension.


About the Creators

Lisa Holmes

Lisa Holmes

Engineer / Narrator

Conceived and spoken by Lisa Holmes, her profound ability to facilitate reconnection with those lost through death or estrangement when the conventional way did not has brought enormous comfort to those unable to move forward from grief, loss and memories of the past.

Lisa now offers the benefits of these sought-after sessions to you, having engineered a way for others to manifest through their own innate ability, a reconnection between themselves and their loved ones from the comfort of home.


Frequency Diagnostician

In conjunct with this meditative modality, a depiction of the emotion frequency by Ceinwen Schneider polarises connection, focus and clarity and stabilises the emotion frequency that runs between for bi lateral reunion.

Working in tandem for over 20 years, together we have highlighted our methodology to a point of united solidarity.

We have managed to harness the emotive frequency, which allows the retrieval process unfettered but unencumbered by other energies that weaken or distort the connection, giving a true and untainted account.

You can reconnect with your loved one !

There is a way. If you are grieving someone and finding it difficult to transcend your loss, we encourage you to activate your intuition and pay them a visit using this guided meditative modality.
Your experience will be unique to you while the Live In This Moment meditative modality will guide you through.
Live in This Moment | Lisa Holmes