If I Feel It - It Is Mine©

Emotion Journal


"IF I FEEL IT - IT IS MINE© Emotion Journal is a must for anyone who is genuine searching for reprieve from the emotional tumult that everyday life and relationships brings. Take a guided deep dive into your emotions and discover what lies beneath the dialogue we tell ourselves after each emotion trigger." 

Lisa Holmes


Past Life Reconnection: Your Way Back To An Emotionally Productive Future 

Master Your Emotions: Transform fear based reactions into self awareness with the IF I FEEL IT - IT IS MINE© Emotion Journal

Emotion drives every action we take or don't take and defines every relationship we encounter. Our need and desire for acceptance from others becomes paramount when our fear based emotions are triggered from stasis and reign over our thoughts, actions and reactions. 

The process within the If I Feel It - It Is Mine© Emotion Journal is the first step in halting a non beneficial reaction and bringing awareness to its existence as a single element. Through this process, each emotive element (trigger) can be addressed directly on impact and its relevance to your reaction acknowledged.

Though at times painful, Emotions and Feelings  are not a curse but an opportunity for self resolution, not the resolution of another, because "If I Feel It - It Is Mine". Our Emotions are the trigger that allow our Emotion Histrionics to emerge, revive and initiate.  We alone are responsible for our emotion regulation. 

Awareness is the first step, responsibility is the second and in time the If I Feel It - It Is Mine© self qualification process will bring freedom from the emotions and feelings that are limiting personal and interpersonal progress. 

What You'll learn:


Discover more about the If I Feel It - It Is Mine© emotion restoration concept and learn how to identify and heal your emotion fractures. 


Identify your core & habitual emotion reactionary behaviours.


Develop strategies for improving emotion regulation.


Improve relationships and communication skills through awareness of your actions and the implication they have on others. 


Gain insights into why certain people trigger us, why they behave the way they do and why that activates emotion in us. 


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About Lisa Holmes

"With more than 30 years in interpersonal guidance delivering one on one, couples and group BRILLIANCE® Emotion Therapy and BRILLIANCE® Guided Emotion Mapping sessions, I created this journal as a tool to assist my clients to isolate and acknowledge the non beneficial Emotion Reactionary Behaviours that keep them trapped in negative emotion & feeling cycles. This tool helps to stop the obsessive 'self talk' loop in its tracks when we are triggered, cuts through the bullshit stories that we tell ourselves to justify our feelings and behaviours and speaks straight to the truth of every emotion disturbance.“

A masterful Aureral Emotion Therapist,  Lisa Holmes is principle author and architect of The BRILLIANCE® Principle, and body of work that encompasses BRILLIANCE® concepts, BRILLIANCE® products and BRILLIANCE® services. 

A clairvoyant phenomenon, Lisa has channelled and developed this revolutionary emotion self qualification structure that allows a person to identify with accuracy their emotions, feelings and reactionary behaviours, as a means to understanding self and improving harmony in relationships. 

All products by Lisa bear the BRILLIANCE® signature, and are ultimately for the purpose of soul healing through self awareness and emotion self regulation, be it in a subtle or direct way,

With release comes growth, through challenge comes wisdom. Let us show you the way.

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