Lisa Jane Holmes
Emotion Alchemist 

Congressional Synthesis Orator/ Author / Lyricist / Soul RegenerationTherapist

Lisa Jane is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of My Brilliance Pty Ltd and the BRILLIANCE® Services Group and the principal author, architect and channel and of the MY BRILLIANCE® Principle. 

Among her many transcendent abilities,  Emotion Alchemist Lisa is a Congressional Synthesis Orator, whose unique ability allows her transform emotive algorithms recorded by Ceinwen into word.

She is a skilled Medium / Clairvoyant / Empath who has channelled and developed a revolutionary new therapeutic structure that facilitates access to our  emotive fractures in order to engage in the soul regeneration process.

This revolutionary process allows a person to understand their own emotions, actions and  and reactions, as well as understanding the corresponding actions choices and reactions of others, with the ultimate goal of emotive solidarity and bliss. 

All products and services offered by Lisa Jane integrate BRILLIANCE® and the  MY BRILLIANCE® Principal at their foundation and bear the BRILLIANCE® mark for certification, ultimately for the purpose of healing through self development, be it in a subtle or direct way.

Ceinwen Schneider
Emotion Frequency Symphonist

Congressional Synthesis Diagnostician / Author / Illustrator / Soul Regeneration Therapist

Ceinwen is the co- founder and Co-CEO of My Briliance Pty Ltd and the BRILLIANCE® Services Group and the originator and pioneer of the Congressional Synthesis technique.

Emotion Frequency Diagnostician Ceinwen Schneider is a conductor of emotion frequency algorithms, able to transform intangible, unseen or unexplained emotion into a format that can be experienced in the physical in order to relegate its emotive value for diagnosis. 

Teaming her unique abilities with co founder Lisa Holmes to create BRILLIANCE®, Ceinwen and Lisa collectively bring voice to the human soul and psyche through this unique healing modality. 

Ceinwen is an accomplished Author/ Illustrator of children's print and audio books that resound BRILLIANCE®.  

Aspiring to raise self awareness through community, her contribution to humanities social conscience endeavours to allow others to see past despair by aiding as a collective cluster, and offering the realisation of one's individual potential through a loving and lenient attitude for others through self, and by encouraging self-development, manifested by opportunities and  devoted effort.

Ceinwen's working and personal life denotes Asqalisicm, as she works to disseminate BRILLIANCE® and the  MY BRILLIANCE® Principle.