September 5


A being is made at the point of conception and a being always has a soul.

By Ceinwen

September 5, 2017

Regardless of how the body is conceived, be it natural conception or other, it is the Soul that

coordinates the trajectory of its conception, and the body is created because of the soul.

A being is made at the point of conception, and a being always has a soul.

Our soul integrates with our corpuscles and influences the creation of our flesh body.

Our soul runs throughout our body and is part of our molecular make up.

Our Soul Cell Memory is infused in our molecular structure, via our corpuscles, and identifies our soul as unique to its own physical form.

Upon conception life commences and our soul becomes part of the body.

©Lisa Holmes 2017 /©Ceinwen Schneider 2017

About the author

Ceinwen Gray is the pioneer and chief architect of the Congressional Synthesis movement, is Co Founder of My Brilliance P/L and co innovator and developer of BRILLIANCE® Emotion Therapy. Her life’s work is dedicated to founding the influx of BRILLIANCE® revelations, and the delivery of BRILLIANCE® concepts, products and services.

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